The WRNS was created in 1917 to allow women to join the navy of the United Kingdom and fill non combat roles (such as clerk, telegraphist, analyst, etc....) so as to allow more men to be sent on operational duties.

The service was disbanded in 1919 following the end of WW1 only to be reorganised in 1939 at te begining of WW2 and remain in existence until 1993 when its membership was joined to that of the Royal Navy.

World War 2 Edit

The images below are based on those found in the booklet Rank and Badges in the Navy, Army, R.A.F and Auxiliaries (1943) by Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander E.C. Talbot-Booth of the Royal Naval Reserve.

Based on badges in private collections, ranks and trade badges worn by ratings were identical in design to their RN counterpart but in pale purplish-blue. It is unclear however if all Royal Navy rating ranks had a counterpart in the WRNS. The following are those confirmed to have existed.