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The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps was a volunteer organisation founded in 1942 with the goal of providing trained personnel to fill non-combatant position in the army. A little over a year later, its status was changed to being a branch of the army instead of an auxiliary and the organisation was renamed the Women's Army Corps.


uniforms and insignias followed US army style in term of colour and elements although the pants were replaced by a skirt in some order of dress and the headdress was a cylindrical cloth cap.

Not being part of the army, the insignia worn on the cap and the buttons was not the national emblem but a plain eagle.

Like the army, insignias worn on the lapels were different for officers and enlisted. Officers wore golden pins with the letters "US" on each lapel of their jacket and the golden head of Pallas Athene below each while enlisted wore the letter "US" on a gold disk on the right lapel and the head of Pallas Athene on a gold disk on the left one.