V was a US sci-fi television show from the mid-1980s that spanned 2 mini-series and an ongoing series that was canceled after 19 episodes. It dealt with the arrival of an alien lizard-like race masquerading as human-like beings and their attempt to harvest earth for water and food which in their case means humans.

The series was remade in 2009 but despite sharing a similar premise and some actors, it is not considered to be part of the same continuity.

The VisitorsEdit

The aliens are never given a name beside the term "Visitors" (and some less flattering ones by the resistance). Some details of their culture are given however such as it being highly militarized and under the control of a being known as The Leader.

In the original 2 mini-series, all visitors wear the same basic red uniform consisting of a one-piece jumpsuit, a vest with open sides tied at the waist and cloth bracers. To this were added black booths, belt, a holster, a cap and sunshades.

It should be noted that the costumes appear to have been made with different batch of cloth or dyes as subtle differences in shades can be observed between 2 individuals standing next to one another and even sometime on different piece of clothings worn by the same person.

Although never stated outright, rank appear to be displayed by the number of black diagonal lines on the left breast and around the bracers. The number are normaly the same at all 3 places except for the Squadron Commander which has 3 stripes on her chest but 4 on both bracers.

security personnel wears the same uniform but with gold bands at the edge of their vest and on their collar as well as a gold armband with the Visitors' emblem. Officers will normally wear a cap or no headgear while guards will wear a gold helmet with a face covering black visor. When acting as shock trooper, security personnel wear a black leather vest and bracers and an all-black helmet.

As mentioned earlier, a number of variation are observed in the series and the image below are meant only to represent the average appearance.

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