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Event Horizon was a US sci-fi/horror movie that came out in 1997. It follows the efforts of a search and rescue crew from the US Aerospace Command's ship Lewis and Clark exploring the "Event Horizon", a space ship believed lost during its maiden voyage.  

US Aerospace Command's rank insignias[]

4 rank insignias are shown during the movie but only characters wearing 3 of them are actually given their rank name onscreen (Petty Officer, Lieutenant and Captain). The fourth one is a medical officer who appear to wear a US naval Lieutenant Commander insignias.

One of the character seen is identified as an ensign on his shirt though he is never shown wearing his jumpsuit and thus his insignia is not seen. 

A character identified in the commentary as an admiral is shown in a deleted scene. The later's insignia consist of 3 bars close enough togheter to form a larger one with another above it which makes it look like a rear admiral rank (something reinforced by the fact he wears 2 stars on his colar). Unlike the other characters who wear their insignias stradling the shoulder, he wear his like shoulder boards going from upper arm to neck.

The design of the officer's insignias is clearly based on those of the US coast guard (although the medical officer device is that of the army medical service) while the petty officer one doesn't seem to be based on any current or historical US insignia.