The fifth element is a 1997 english language french sci-fi movie by Luc Besson. The futuristic story centers on a cab driver and an alien's attempt to assemble the pieces of a weapon to defend earth against an alien threat.

Army of the Federated Territories Edit

The main character Korbin Dallas is a veterans of the army and a few officers are seen at various point.

Uniforms Edit

  • The-Fifth-Element-5th-Federation-Patch-1-(2)

    Shoulder Patch

    burgundy beret with a metalic badge showing a glove in a wreath. It appear to be a british royal marine officer badge (minus the lion and crown segment). A general on board a spaceship near the beginning is seen wearing a black beret instead.
  • beige shirt
  • dark brown tie
  • dark brown vest with hidden buttons
  • trench coat without buttons. black high round collar. black band around cuff edged gold. the coat is khaki at the top going diagonaly toward elbows, beige for the rest. federation badge on both upper arms. medal ribbon bars on left chest.

Rank InsigniasEdit

Only 3 rank insignias are seen on screen. Their ranks appear to be indicated by a few different elements on their uniforms:

Captain Major General
Shirt Collar
Jacket Collar
Coat Cuffs
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