Insignias Wiki

At some point in or before 2012, rank insignias worn by the various municpal police forces of the province of Quebec began to be standardised to a greater level then they had been before

Although the exact piece of legislation that introduced the new standards has yet to be found online, comparing pictures of officers taken before 2012 and after do indeed show that they have been standardised (The SQ kept its insignias and the SPVM is a special case).  

The new insignias appear to be inspired by both the SQ (sergent to inspecteur-chef) and the SPVM ones (directeurs). 

The ranks follow this pattern with only minor variations:

  • Sergent = 2 stripes grouped together
  • Lieutenant = 3 stripes grouped together + 1 stripe above
  • Capitaine = 2 groups of 3 stripes each
  • Inspecteur = 3 groups of 3 stripes each
  • Inspecteur-Chef = 4 groups of 3 stripes each
  • Directeur-Adjoint = 2 fleur-de-lys below crossed swords with a municipal logo
  • Directeur = 3 fleur-de-lys below crossed swords with a municipal logo

As mentioned, the SPVM is a special case. The service kept it's insignias so that instead of stripes grouping, it uses solid ones meaning that they appear as wide and thin stripes (the later are used by the sergent, lieutenant and commandant) making them look like pre-2014 Canadian Armed Forces ones. It also has the additional ranks of commandant (1 thin stripe between 2 wide stripes) and Assistant-Directeur (1 fleur-de-lys below crossed sword and scabard  with a SPVM logo) due to it's size. This explain why smaller services do not have a one fleur-de-lys directeur rank. 

Some of the services also have variants for the directors insignias with the crossed swords being crossed sword and baton instead and also some services not using any sort of municipal logo above them.

Insignias are normaly worn on navy blue or black slides with the service name or acronym at the bottom except for the ceremonial uniform of some services on which they are sown directly on the shoulder flaps.