The Special Frontier Force (SFF) is a paramilitary organisation founded in 1962 and currently operating under the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the Indian external inteligence agency.

It was originaly composed of Tibetan army veterans for the purpose of liberating Tibet from China or at least to serve as guerrilla fighters behind enemy lines. With Indo-Chinese relations improving in the next few years after its creation, the SFF came to be used as a special force serving in bangladesh and from internal pacification and VIP protection missions.

The SFF is a secretive organisation with very little information available through official channel dealing with its early years although a few former members have broken their silence over time and authorities appear to be more transparent in recent time.


SFF members currently wear the same type of uniforms as members of the Indian army but with their own unit insignias: a snow lion over crossed swords on a maroon background, the snow lion being a symbol of Tibet and present on the flag used by the tibetan diaspora. Rank insignias may or may not be the same as those worn by other indian uniformed organisation.

Based on pictures taken in the mid-to-late 1960s, it would appear that members wore insignias that were different then the Indian army ones and used different titles such as "political leader". Indeed, the head of the SFF is, despite being seconded from the army, officialy known as "Inspector General" .

The following are rank insignias taken from period pictures and memorabilia. The titles come from various sources, some contradictory, and so should be taken with care. Note that the name in italic were those used in some english language publication and may not represent a literal translation of the title.

Note that the rank slides came in 2 versions (for left and right shoulders) with the red segment apparently intended to be worn facing forward. However, pictures exist of personnel with 2 identical ones.

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