After a few incidents during security guards proved unable to deal with certain situations due to the limit of their power, the New South Wales government decided to introduce transit officers in 2002 with a status that was greater then a security guard but unlike policemen, did not carry the right to bear arms and limited its power of arrest.

The scheme proved unpopular with commuters with complaints of overbearing officers. An attempt was made in 2008 to revamp their image but ultimately transit officers were phased out starting in 2013 with their responsibilities being split between police, security guards and regular employees.

Rank Insignias Edit

Uniforms Edit

The uniform was originally composed of a grey shirt with badges and black shoulder slides, black cargo pants and black combat boots.

As part of an effort to improve the image of transit officer, a blue shirt (slightly darker then a NSW police one) was introduced in 2008 and worn until 2013.

Interestingly, current ticket controllers at train stations and on board the light rail, who are regular Railcorp employees, have gone back to wearing grey and black uniforms albeit with orange trims and of a more civilian cut.