The Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service is the nursing component of the UK's Royal Navy. It was originaly founded in 1884 as the Naval Nursing Service to provided professional nursing staff to naval hospitals. It was renamed in 1902 to reflect it's royal patronage Queen Alexandra, wife of the then monarch.

Insignias Edit

Below are the insignias worn during WW2 which were worn at the front of their tippet (short cape) on the right side. The images of the reserve sister and matron-in-chief insignias are taken from the booklet Rank and Badges in the Navy, Army, R.A.F and Auxiliaries (1943) by Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander E.C. Talbot-Booth of the Royal Naval Reserve. The others are based on written descriptions in the same work. 

Note that currently, members of the QARNNS wear the same type of insignias as other members of the Royal Navy.