Police Cos d'Andorre, catalonian for "Police Corps of Andora" (PCA), is the national police force of the country of Andorra and the only law enforcement agency in the country. As of 2010, it had 75 sworn agents or one for every 1134 citizens.

The PCA is responsible not only for normal police work such as criminal investigation, traffic control, patrol and riot control but they also act in the areas of border protection, VIP protection and mountain rescue.


Member of the PCA wear nowadays a variety of uniforms, generally dark blue with the rank insignias being worn as slides either on the shoulder straps or centered on the chest depending on the type of uniform worn. The most common type of headgear is a dark blue beret.

Members of the GIPA (equivalent to a swat unit) wear blue-black combat style uniforms and gear.

Older uniforms were olive green.

Rank Insignias

slides contain 3 types of information:

  • The rank itself using chevrons and/or stars
  • The seniority using horizontal bars (1 bar for every 5 years)
  • Status as leader represented by the absence or presence of an olive wreath of various colour: gold (area leader), silver (unit leader) red (group leader) and none (all other personnel)

the ranks are divided into 4 levels:

agent (less then 1 years of service) none
agent (more then 1 years of service) 1 gold chevron pointing up
caporal 2 gold chevrons pointing up
sots-oficial gold chevrons pointing up
sots-oficial major gold chevrons pointing up above a silver 5 pointed star
alumne oficial silver five pointed star
oficial silver five pointed stars
oficial major 3 silver five pointed stars
almune comissari  1 silver eight pointed star
comissari 2 silver eight pointed stars
comissari major 3 silver eight pointed stars
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