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The Parti National-Social Chrétien (National Social Christian Party) was a nazi inspired party that existed in the 1930s in Canada with most of his members being in the Province of Quebec. Despite gaining a certain notoriety, its impact was minimal and none of its  member were ever elected. 

In the lead up to World War 2, it absorbed a few other like minded minor parties from ontario and the prairies and renamed itself the National Unity Party, dropping the swastika at the same time (though keeping the blue shirts) more then likely in a bid to present a less german-leaning face. This did not prevent Adrien Arcand (its founder) and some of the party's officers from being detained for the duration however and much of the party's assets were seized, and apparently destroyed, by the Royal Canadian mounted Police. Partly for this reason, sources other then the post-war remembrance of Arcand are extremely scarce.


According to the "founding manifesto" published by the party, the original uniform was to be composed of a dark blue shirt with red swastika in white circles worn on each upper sleeves. One photography of policemen displaying items seized during a raid on a Party headquarter shows them handling a shirt with a patch on the upper containing simply the words "Blueshirts of Canada" (in english) whether this represent a prototype, transitional design or even the patch of one of the minor party that had been absorbed is unclear. Another uncertain aspect is if their had been time for the swastika patches to be changed to the new party emblem, a torch, at all before the party was declared seditious.  

Rank Insignias[]

Rank insignias as per the manifesto.

Below the party emblem, the manifesto state that there was to be the rank insignia which was a simple bar or circle in various colours except for members of the propaganda section who wore a red "P". Contemporary pictures however show some members wearing what appear to be british style insignias (as was worn by the canadian army at the time) including one person having what appear to be 3 pips on his shoulder straps and Adrien Arcand having a metalic rendition of the Party emblem (a wreath of maple leaves surrounding a swastika topped by a beaver) at the bottom of his shoulder straps which make them look like field marshal insignias. whether both were worn simulteneaously or the army insignias replaced the bars and circles at a later date is unknown.