Norsefire is a fictional totalitarian political party that controls Great-Britain in the movie V for Vendetta.


Politicians such as High Chancellor Sutler wear civilian clothes with a party pin on their lapel (red double cross on a black rectangle)


Unlike the Police, the fingermen appear to dedicate their attention only to crimes related to the party's hold on the population such as curfew breaking and behavior deemed disloyal. Fingermen dress in civilian clothes but carry a wallet badge in the shape of the party emblem (red double cross on a black rectangle).


During flashback scenes dating back to Norsefire's rise to power, troops can be seen parading fully armed during a Norsefire rally. Their uniform is composed of:

  • a black beret with the party emblem
  • a red shirt with a black strip of cloth going under the rise-and-fall collar
  • a double breasted black leather jacket held close with a black sam-brown belt. On the upper right arm is a black cloth armband on which is the party emblem in inverted colours (black double cross on a red rectangle).
  • black pants
  • black motorcycle boots

As commander of Larkhill, Prothero is shown wearing a variant of this with the jacket being replaced by a double breasted business suit and a red & black tie instead of the strip of cloth. Unlike the buttons of other militiamen which appear to be plain silver, the ones on his uniform are enameled black with a red double cross. He also has a metallic pin on each of his lapel although no description of them are as yet available.

Troops are seen near the end of the movie, some wearing the smae black beret and party badge as the militiamen in the flashbacks. Their commander, a general, wears a red beret instead. The bulk of the troops however are seen wearing helmets with all of them being decked in grey-white-black urban camouflage with a black tactical vest, undershirt and gloves. A few have metallic rank insignias worn on both lapels which appear identical to current British insignias.


A brief flashback scene takes place during a night raid on a couple's home. The people conducting the raid are shown wearing black tactical gear, gloves and a balaclava with the only distinctive feature being a red double cross on the upper arm. No context is given so it is unclear if these are fingermen, militiamen or some other branch of norsefire.

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