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The New South Wales Police Force is the sole police force within the state of New South Wales (Australia) altough certain police-like duties are performed by local council's Rangers who can enforced by-laws (such as littering and parking infractions) but are not peace officers themselves.

Rank Insignias[]

The rank insignia system is based on the one used by the australian defence force which is itself based on the british system. Both the uniforms and insignias were formely almost undistinguishable from their british counterparts although it has now evolved differently not only from the UK but also from other states.

(~2007) The following table is based on an insignia chart published on the NSW police website in 2007. The slides have an elongated point at the top but not the bottom so that it covers the button of the shoulder flaps on which they are worn.

Senior officer can sometime be seen wearing hard shoulder boards instead of the slides.


The insignias appear identical to the ones in the previous section except for:

  • The 4 commissioners ranks have a red background to their wreath
  • The chaplain's slides are now the same blue colour as other members of the force. Insignias exist for 4 different denomination:
- Buddhist (dharma wheel)
- Christian (christian cross)
- Jewish (magen david)
- Muslim (moon and star)
  • There is a rank of probationary constable which uses a blank shoulder slide