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The naval forces of Abkhazia consists of three divisions based in Sukhumi, Ochamchire and Pitsunda. It is the Russian coast guard however which patrols their water.

Uniforms Edit

Ship of the lines Edit

Formal Uniform Edit


  • Black pants
  • white square rig.
  • a blue and white horizontally stripe shirt worn under the square rig.
  • white gloves
  • a stiff hat with a black band and white jutting crown. a national cockade is worn centered on the crown

Naval Infantry Edit

Formal Uniform Edit

  • Black pants
  • black jacket with a pentagonal patch worn on the upper left arm with a waving national flag in the middle with the word АБХАЗИЯ above and below the words: ВООРУЖЕННЫЕ СИЛЫ.
  • blue and white horizontally stripped shirt
  • A black beret with a metallic cockade at the front and a triangular version of the national flag sewn on the left side of it.
  • The Cyrillic letter "мп" in gold on the shoulder straps.