AbkhaziaAfghan National ArmyAfrican Union
Aggressor (US Armed Forces)Air Force (abkhazia)Air Transport Command (USA)
American Women's Voluntary Services (United States of America)Antigua and Barbuda, Defence Force, 2004Antigua and Barbuda, Police, 2005
Armée de Terre (Burkina Faso)Australia Customs ServiceAustralian Army Nursing Service
Australian Volunteer Coast GuardBahamas, Customs, 2007Bahamas, Royal Defence Force
Bahamas, Royal Defence Force - 2004BantustansBarbados, Fire Service
Barbados, PoliceBarbados Defence ForceBelize, Defence Force, 2004
Belize, Police, 2005Bon Cop, Bad Cop (film)Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris
CanadaCanadian Aboriginal War VeteransChester's Mill Sheriff Department ("Under The Dome" tv series)
Civil Defence Service (United Kingdom)Coriolanus (Film)Current events
Death in Paradise (TV Series)Department of Home Security (Australia)Department of the Eeyou Eenou Police Force
Earth Ship Personnel (Pandorum Movie)Ecole Nationale de Police Du Quebec (Quebec, Canada)Ender's Game (Film)
Equestrian Order of the Holy SepulchreEureka Sheriff Department ("Eureka" TV Series)European Space Agency
FALINTIL-Forcas Defesa Timor Lorosae (East Timor)Fiji PoliceFinnish Defence Forces
Firefly (TV Series)Força Aérea Nacional de AngolaFédération des Gardes Paroissiales
Gambia Police ForceGerman Democratic Republic,FallschirmjägerGerman Democratic Republic,Luftstreitkräfte
German Democratic Republic,Nationale VolksarmeeGhana Police ServiceGhosts of Mars (film)
Grand Army of the Republic (United States of America)Groupement National des Sapeurs-Pompiers (Benin)Guidelines for creating new articles on this site
Güvenlik Kuvvetleri KomutanlığıHarsh Realm (TV Series)High Guard (Andromeda TV Series)
Holnists ("The Postman" movie)Hong Kong PoliceHouse Atreides (Dune Film)
Hungarian Peoples ArmyHydra (Marvel Comics Universe)It Happened Here (Film)
Jeremiah (TV Series)Kativik Regional Police ForceLa Maison Bleue (TV Series)
Land Forces (abkhazia)Lesotho Mounted Police ServiceLiwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas (Syria)
Main PageMeriteous Corps of Fireman of Costa RicaMetropolitan Police ("Orphan Black" TV Series)
Milice Patriotique Québecoise (Canada)Militaires infirmiers et techniciens des hôpitaux des armées (MITHA)Military Order of the Stars & Bars (United States of America)
Ministry of Internal Affairs (abkhazia)Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (Quebec)Motorcycle Clubs
National Security Women's Corps (United States of America)Nationalsozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterparteiNavy (abkhazia)
Navy Nurse Corps (United States of America)New Guard (Australia)New South Wales Police Force
New Zealand Customs ServiceNew Zealand PoliceNorsefire ("V for Vendetta" film)
Nova Corps (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Nova Corps (Marvel Comics Universe)Omerta (TV Series)
Papua New Guinea Defence ForceParti National-Social Chrétien (Canada)People's Army of the Republic (Spain)
Pipe BandsPoczta Polska, Telegraf i TelefonPoland, Police, 1991 Pattern
Poland, State Railways - 1958Police Cos d'AndorrePolskie Koleje Państwowe
QuebecQueen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (United Kingdom)RailCorp Transit Officers (Australia)
Ransom (film)Reichsbanner (Germany)Republic of Korea Armed Forces
Romania, GendarmerieRoyal Bahamas Police ForceRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Royal Papua New Guinea ConstabularyRoyal Police Force of Antigua and BarbudaRoyal Solomon Islands Police
Rutherford Police Department ("3rd Rock From the Sun" tv series)S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Comics Universe)Sapeurs-pompiers (volontaire et professionnel - non-militaire)
Service d'infrastructure de la Défense (SID)Service de Police Métropolitain ("19-2" tv series)Service de Police de la Ville de Blainville
Service de Police de la Ville de LavalService de Police de la Ville de LévisService de Police de l’Agglomération de Longueuil
Service de la Justice militaireService du commissariat des armées (SCA)Sons of Confederate Veterans (United States of America)
Sons of the union veterans of the civil war (USA)Sontarans (Doctor Who TV Series)Southern Victory (Book Series)
Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, Urban GuardSpain, National Police/Cuerpo Nacional de PolicíaSpain, Republican Air Force
Spain, Vigilizana Aduana, CustomsSpanish Republican War NavySpecial Frontier Force (India)
Standard Police Forces Insignias (Quebec)Standard Rank Insignias of Municipal Fire Departments in the province of QuebecStandard Rank Insignias of the United States of America
Starcom (Toyline)State Customs Committee (abkhazia)State emergency service (new south wales, australia)
Swedish Armed ForcesSûreté du QuébecTanzania Police Force
The Alliance (Firefly TV Series)The Fifth Element (film)The Independents (Firefly TV series)
Tricorps Security (Australia)U.S. Maritime Services Branches Hypothetical SymbolsUSAF Air National Guard Hypothetical Insignia of Rank
USAF CHAPLAINS Hypothetical Insignia of RankUSAF Insignia of Rank (Hypothetical)USAF RESERVE Hypothetical Insignia of Rank
USCG AUXILIARY Hypothetical Insignia of RankUSN NAVAL NATIONAL GUARD Hypothetical Insignia of RankUSN Naval National Guard Medical Personnel (Hypothetical)
USSR Air Force 1988USSR Army 1988USSR Coal Mining Workers 1979
USSR MVD 1986 - non-military workersUSSR Navy 1988US Aerospace Command (Event Horizon movie)
US NAVY MEDICAL CORPS Hypothetical Insignia of RankUS NAVY RESERVES Insignia of Rank (Hypothetical)Uganda Police
Unified Inteligence Taskforce ("Doctor Who" TV Series)United Arab Emirates Armed ForcesUnited Kingdom
United States ARMY Insignia of Rank (Hypothetical)United States COAST GUARD Insignia of Rank (Hypothetical)United States MARINE CORPS Specialist Insignia of Rank (Hypothetical)
United States NAVY CHAPLAINS Insignia of Rank (Hypothetical)United States NAVY Hypothetical Insignia of RankUnited States NAVY NATIONAL GUARD Hypothetical Insignia of Rank
V (TV Series)V for Vendetta (film)Viceregals (Canada)
West Papuan National Liberation ArmyWomen's Army Auxiliary Corps (United States of America)Women's Auxiliary Army Service (South Africa)
Women's Land Army (United Kingdom)Women's Royal Naval Service (United Kingdom)Young Men's Christian Association-Young Women's Christian Association (Australia)
Zambia PoliceZimbabwe Republic Police
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