"Jeremiah" (2002-2004) was a US tv show set 15 years after "the big death", a man-made virus which killed everyone (or so it was believed) over the age of puberty. The children including the titular Jeremiah, now all grown up, are trying to bring back some form of civilisation. 

The show lasted for 2 seasons and ended with a truce between the Western Alliance and Daniel's forces after their leader was revealed to be a sham.

It should be noted that the series was originaly supposed to be an adaptation of a French series of graphic novels of the same name but that only the names of the main characters, their general personality and the fact that the story took place in the US was maintained while the rest, including turning it into science fiction, was created by show runner J. Michael Straszinsky. 

Thunder MountainEdit

armed personnel of Thunder Mountain have a preference for left over US army gear but otherwise, little uniformity is shown.

Daniel's TerritoryEdit


Armband worn by members of Daniel's Army

One faction introduced during the second season was lead by the charismatic, fascistic and, as it turns out, ficticious, Daniel. His forces had taken over many cities and rebuilt part of them using slave labour. No apparent name was given to the lands under his control beside the descriptive "Daniel's Territory".

Daniel's Forces wore any combination of civilian and military items with a noted preference for black clothings.

The only element that could truly be described as "uniform" was the armbands worn by many. It was black with red borders and the phoenix emblem (notice it is not the heraldic one but an american bald eagle) that appeared on Daniel's flag. It was worn on the upper left arm.

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