House Atreides are one of the Great Houses (Noble families and their retainers controling one or more planets) in Frank Herbert's Dune universe.

This page is concerned with their depiction in the 1984 David Lynch Film adaptation.


2 types of uniforms can be seen worn by the atreides in the movie. The first, seen at the begining on caladan, appears to be a dress uniform. Although it appears black onscreen, pictures of one such uniform sold at an auction shows it to be made of a very dark green velvet-like material with gold and orange highlights.

Upon arriving on Arrakis, the atreides troops wear a beige colour uniform that appear closer to what one would think of as a work or combat uniform. Although the cut of the uniform is different (having exposed pockets and buttons), the placement of insignias is identical. Some troops, which based on the context appears to be enlisted personnel, have a similarly coloured uniform but of a different cut.


Characters appear wearing a number of insignias on their shoulder straps though the title corresponding to each one are not given.

The Duke briefly wears the same insignias as Paul in one early scene though this is more then likely a wardrobe department mistake. A bit more puzzling is the fact that Paul wears an insignia (2 stars) for a single scene that is not worn by anyone else  and which is different froom the one he wears before and after that scene. This could either be another case of wardrobe mistake or unavailability of the original boards for an early or post-production shoot

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