Created by Chris Carter (creator of the X-Files), Harsh Realm (1999) was a tv show that was after only 3 episodes (though 6 filmed before cancelation were later shown in syndication).

The show was centered around Thomas Hobes, a former soldier who had been deceived into participating in a virtual reality combat simulation. Unbeknownst to him, the game had been taken over by one of its participants: former Sergeant Major, and now self styled General, Omar Santiago. Despite being a game, once hooked in the players were unable to leave and would really die if killed in the game world.

The virtual world itself had been conceived to be an exact copy of our own world but a catastrophic terrorist event had been programmed into it so has to allow players to experience the aftermath of a complete breakdown in civilian government. Santiago had used this chaos to establish himself as a dictator who controled an ever expending police state called Santiago City.

Santiago City ForcesEdit

Santiago's soldiers are normaly shown all wearing the same field dress composed of the following:
  • A greenish khaki combat uniform worn over a t-shirt with a dark red beret and black boots. The wearer's last name is sewn in black above the right breast pocket on a strip of cloth. Both this strip and the t-shirt were in a slighty more brownish shade of khaki then the rest.
  • A cloth patch with a machine sewn emblem worn on the upper left arm.
  • An enamel metal pin worn on the beret.

Both the shoulder patch and beret pin reproduce the cross-swords emblem that is also found on the flag of Santiago City. There doesn't appear to be any sort of unit indicator.

Rank insignias, either metalic or embroided, are identical to the current USA ones and are worn on the lapels although always in their subdued form (silver was shown as black, gold as orangy-brown).

A few characters have been shown wearing camouflage gear instead but this is not too surprising considering most modern armies have more then one type of field dress depending on the environment in which they serve.

As far as can be told, the field uniform is the sole order of dress worn by them. No formal uniforms were shown to be worn by any character, Santiago included nor did they appear to wear something else when off duty.

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