Hi all
To avoid creating too much mess on the site and to make browsing and searching a bit easier I sugest to stick to the following rules.

  1. While creating new article use the name consisting of Country and organization indication, followed by more detailed description like year, kind of uniform etc. As the pages are displayed alphabetically on a list this could make navigation easier.
  2. There are "categories" which could be assigned to an article. Unfortumatelly those created by users are not displayed on what is called "Categories cloud" below. My suggestion is that every article should belong to at least 2 categories. One being a country name, the other - organization (like Army / Police / Railway etc). As those categories have to be typed manually please look into existing articles to verify if such category already exist and how it is exactly named (spelled). Such approach will allow searching the site by country and/or by organization.
  3. Please refere somewhere in the article to the reference of the content. Is it an official document, is it your visual information (you just saw few such insignias in real life or on a photograph and estimate the other ranks), or it is just based of someone decription (no real graphical evidence).
  4. Always put the credits to the person who's artwork you use in an article. Remember that using a copyrighted material without permission is a crime