F-FDTL emblem
Date of Founding 2001
Other names • FALINTIL-Força de defesa de Timor-Leste (portuguese)
• F-FDTL (Acronym)


FALINTIL–Forsa Defeza Timor-Leste Is the name of the armed forces of East Timor. It was formed from ex-members of the anti-indonesian resistance fighter.

Rank InsigniasEdit

The ranks insignias are based on ones used by the army of portugal, the former colonial power that ruled over east timor before its occupation by indonesia.

All images are based on the description of them found in the East-Timorese Government decree # 7/2012 of the first of august 2012 as published in the supplement of the official gazette, series 1 number 26. As it lacked images, some insignias might be slighty different.

The first rank name below each insignias is in Tetum followed by portuguese and an english equivalency.

Enlisted Insignias

Officers Insignias

Students Insignias