The european space agency is an international organisation charged with developing polices as regard to space as well the training of astronauts

Starting in 1998, member countries harmonized their astronaut training program which result in 2002 in the creation of the European Astronaut Corps.

It should be noted that the ESA is not an agency of the European Union although it receive a financial contribution from it. Also, while all of ESA's members are european from a geographical point of view, some are not part of the EU and its sole associate member is Canada.

Uniforms Edit

When engaged in strictly ESA business (as opposed to work as part of their national space agencies) where a jumpsuit would be appropriate, such as promotional work, members of the European Astronaut Corps will wear a medium blue one over a black or medium blue shirt. A number of patches are worn on the jumpsuit:

  • On the upper right arm is a rectangular black patch that displays small representation of the all the members' national flag along the edges and the ESA logotype in the centre.
  • Above the right breast pocket is a circular patch with an astronaut helmet with the words European Astronaut Corps in yellow, a representation of earth, some stars, a red vector and the ESA logotype.
  • above the left breast pocket is a rectangular dark blue patch with a white outline. In it on three lines are the ESA logotype in white on top, "european astronaut corps" also in white in the middle and the name of the astronaut in yellow at the bottom with 2 intersecting curves in the corner to the viewer's left of it.
  • on the upper left arm is the flag of the astronaut's country of origin.

In other circumstances, they will wear whatever patch arrangement is appropriate as per the astronaut's country's uniform guideline with a smaller version of the upper right arm one often worn above the right breast pocket.