Death in Paradise is a Franco-British co-production of the crime drama genre. It takes place on the fictional Island of Saint-Marie (not a typo despite the apparent mixed genders) which appear to combine elements of the real world islands of Marie-Galante (part of Guadeloupe) and the country of Dominica.

According to the in-show history, Saint-Marie was first a French colony but was then conquered by the British who lost it to the dutch who then lost it to the french and remained so until it was transferred back to the British in the mid 1970s thus making the population a combination of French and British nationals.

Saint-Marie Police ForceEdit

Uniforms Edit

The police force's uniforms and ranks are clearly based on those of other Caribbean islands, with a strong British influence, however a few differences do exist. It should be noted that both Detective Inspectors are seen wearing civilian clothes, so their insignias are unknown.

Officers except for the detective and commissioner wear a uniform composed of:

shoulder patch

  • A visor cap with crown divided horizontaly medium blue over yellow and a dark blue top with a metal badge at the front (british police star and crown with EIIR in the middle)
  • A pale blue shirt with a white lanyard passed around the right shoulder, dark blue patch reading "POLICE SAINT MARIE" above the right breast pocket, departemental patches on the upper arms, a departmental fob hanging from the left breast pocket and rank insignias worn on the shoulder flaps.
  • Dark blue pants with a yellow or off-white coloured line at the seams held up with a white belt.

The commissioner wears

  • a beige jacket with black gorget patch with silver embroidery
  • beige pants
  • white shirt
  • black tie
  • black sam brown belt
  • black kepi with a yellow horizontal stripe along the lower crown. 2 double rows of oak leaves along the outer part of the visor. The badge is embroidered and is different then those worn by other officer having a crown over a half wreath around what appears to be a circular rendition of the british arms.

Rank Insingias Edit

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